COCO dataset can be found here: COCO dataset

Datasets can be found here: FiftyOne Dataset Zoo 

Models can be found here: : FiftyOne Model Zoo


FiftyOne provides the building blocks for optimizing your dataset analysis pipeline. You can visualize complex labels, evaluate your models, explore scenarios of interest, identify failure modes, find annotation mistakes, and much more. It is tightly integrated with CVAT for annotation and label refinement.


The COCO team has partnered with the open-source tool FiftyOne to make it easier to download, visualize, and evaluate the COCO dataset. It facilitates visualization and access to COCO data resources and serves as an evaluation tool for model analysis on COCO. 


The FiftyOne tool has three components: the Python library, the App, and the Brain.

FiftyOne Library

FiftyOne’s core library provides “a structured yet dynamic representation to explore your datasets”. It allows you to efficiently query and manipulate your dataset by adding custom tags, model predictions and more.


FiftyOne App

The FiftyOne App is a graphical user interface that makes it easy to explore and rapidly gain intuition into your datasets. It allows you to visualize labels like bounding boxes and segmentations overlaid on the samples; sort, query and slice the dataset into any subset of interest; and more.


FiftyOne Brain

The FiftyOne Brain is “a library of machine learning-powered capabilities that provide insights into your datasets and recommend ways to modify your datasets that will lead to measurably better performance of your models.” This is a closed-source solution.