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Minsphere is Coming Soon!

When we say {Data}, we mean a comprehensive way of thinking about data and all of the corresponding assets. We are building a dataset-first marketplace focusing on the end-to-end machine learning pipeline.

Buyers will be able to find and use the datasets and assets they need, and sellers will be able to earn money while building those datasets and assets. 

Our goal: incentivize efficient and effective data usage, processing, and actions. Sign up for updates!


Take a look at the report to quickly find common data resources and/or assets for dataset=COCO, task=object detection. We're open to suggestions, questions, and criticism - let's start a conversation.


{Datasets} (raw / processed)

{Models} (tasks (in)dependent)







We want to enable community-drive {Data} innovation easily and quickly to benefit both creators and consumers. ​We are building the easiest way to find and use the data you need. This is also the easiest way to add and build on data and earn money. Raw data, processed data, annotated data, synthetic data, models, tutorials, and more. 

Buyers: Ask for what you need - "I need my audio data to be annotated." or "I need to apply SOTA models trained on datasets in COCO to perform object detection (or a set of tasks) on my dataset." or "I really like this seller's tutorial on BERT and I want her to do one for my team but using our data for Question Answering task." or anything else you can think of - Just ask!

Sellers: Search for projects and apply to get the contract. Or keep doing what you're doing but add on the marketplace to get found and paid - "This HuggingFace transformers library is so cool, I'm going to write a tutorial to use it for sentiment analysis on this cool and unique dataset." or "I've performed object detection and have made these 3 datasets available in COCO JSON, YOLO, and TensorFlow formats." or any other wonderful thing you're working on - Just add!

Our Marketplace will be in Private Beta soon! Contact us at samin@reasonets.com for pre-launch access. 

Ratings on all {Data}

Payments for all {Data}

Every dataset, model, asset


Find and use trustworthy {Data} that's relevant for your use case


Add, build, and earn on {Data} you're already working on


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