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ReasoNets Strategy Services

Architect. Augment. Accelerate.


Taking your strategy to the next level.
Strategy and Data Assessment

Benchmark your analytics capabilities with the Strategy and Data Assessment. 

We take a holistic look at your data, processes, and projects to identify data threats and opportunities. Get an actionable scorecard for getting your analytics to where it needs to be.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) 

Our 4-step OKR implementation framework, a goal-setting approach at Google, Amazon, and other companies, will help any organization accelerate its efforts by guiding and inspiring teams using high-level objectives and data-driven results. They elevate your product, processes, analytics, and outcomes.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

If you have to continue to ask questions about your data then you are not tracking a real KPI. Our 8-step method will help you connect your strategy, roadmap, and OKRs to develop the right selection of KPIs for your business. Our method helps you focus on your strategic data, not just any data. 


ReasoNets Data Services

Architect. Augment. Accelerate.

Taking your impact and data capacity to the next level
Business Insights and Performance

Answer the most important business questions using the most valuable metrics for your company.

- Customer Journey Analytics

- Customer Understanding

- Customer Segmentation

- Cohort Analysis

- Competitor Analytics

- Marketing Analytics

- Product and Feature Analytics

- Maximize ROI

- Sales Funnel Analytics

Data Science and Machine Learning

Achieve your highest level of competitiveness.  Accelerate data and AI impact by identifying new sources of value that can translate into new opportunities.

- Predictive Analytics

- Machine Learning

- Consumer Sentiment Analytics

- Text Analysis

- Deep Learning

- Artificial Intelligence

- Custom Analytics Projects

Data Storytelling and Dashboards

Knowing which story to tell is a great skill. Dashboards help distill the most important information into a few key KPIs, metrics, trends, and charts.

- Business Analytics Dashboards

- Operational Dashboards

- Executive Dashboards

- Customer Insights Dashboards

- Performance Dashboards

- KPIs Dashboard

- Externally And Internally Facing Dashboards (e.g. Board meeting, etc.)

Taking your impact and data capacity to the next level
For Managers and Executives

Learn the step-by-step foundations of the analytics workflow, including problem identification, data collection and cleaning, analysis methods and tools, data visualizations, data stories, and data-driven decision making.

- Data Literacy for Executives

- Data Literacty for Managers

Data Analytics and Data Science

Learn how to analyze and extract insights from data.

- Data Science using Python

- Machine Learning using Python

- Deep Learning using Python

- Customer Analytics

- Advanced Excel

- Google Sheets

- Artificial Intelligence for Executives

Capacity, KPIs, OKRs, and more

- Three levels of Excel training: beginner, intermediate, and advanced

- Three levels of Google Sheets training: beginner, intermediate, and advanced

- Leadership KPI Implementation

- Leadership OKR Implementation

- Building Data Products


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