This 70+ page report was created to quickly find data resources and/or assets for a given dataset and a specific task, in this case dataset=COCO, task=object detection.

I’m open to suggestions, questions, and criticism. Please email me or message me to start a conversation.

Please email me at with subject “COCO related” / “Object detection related” / “Vision related” if you have:

  1. Created tutorials (any modality) either using open source tools and/or platforms to explore, process, model with COCO dataset or built demos or apps using models pre-trained on COCO.

  2. Same as above for any other object detection dataset or other vision tasks.


I will add you to this document as well as inform you about the data marketplace I’m working on. You may be able to list and sell your assets.


Please email me at with subject “Next version” / “Suggestions” with suggestions regarding:

  1. What is the dataset / topic you’d like to see covered next? Areas (NLP, vision, audio, self-driving, etc.), tasks (question-answering, video analytics, etc.), sectors (medical, healthcare, education, games, crypto, etc.).

  2. Interesting datasets/projects I should review in general.

  3. People I should contact to be listed on the marketplace because their platform, library, or other tools are awesome. 


Please email me at with subject “My company needs” with asks regarding:

  1. What data collection, creation, processing, modeling need does your company have? For example, you need data speech collected for a specific population segment between ages 20-30, you need image annotated from both US and India populations, etc. 

  2. Is there a dataset, set of models, set of hardware or compute requirements you’d like someone to benchmark for you?

  3. Anything else - just email so we can talk. The marketplace should serve your needs and I’d love to know more about them.