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Challenges We See


Trouble strategizing for  complex business decisions and scenarios using data & AI


Mistrust in your data, analysis, and machine learning process required for decision-making


Lack the skill or experience building and running Data Science & AI projects


Difficulty finding and unifying actionable insights across company-wide data

What we do


- Learn how data & AI can help your business thrive identify challenges and discuss which data & AI solutions can bring you the most value.

- Move from analysis and models to data products worthy of production. 

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Build & Trust

- Higher confidence in models designed and tested for your business  and customer’s unique requirements.

- Perform due diligence:

Before you invest in an AI company.

Before someone invests in you.

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- A training program & format that fits your needs: a shorter tailor-made AI startup workshops as well as long-term to assist you on your AI journey.

- Train individuals

- Train teams

- Train entire organization 

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From data collection to visualizations, we’ll help you with effective storyboards to enable you spot trends and patterns in datasets.

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Data Science and AI can feel extremely complicated. Many leaders and companies are unsure about where to start. Additionally, many such projects are complicated and expensive to implement. In fact, 85% of Artificial Intelligence projects fail to reach production (Forrester). We will help you de-risk your investment in data & AI projects by doing due diligence before moving to development.​ ReasoNets is data science and artificial intelligence consultancy that offers solutions which are customized to your complex data problems. Services provided include:



    1. Intro Plan to Leverage AI: Our Discovery service helps you quickly find a possible AI path with minimal upfront investment. This service includes a deep dive on the business and data sides. We perform a preliminary analysis of any supporting AI related artifacts of your business, your data and models to produce a discovery report. We help you identify and rank AI opportunities in your business as we assess AI modeling feasibility through a detailed inspection of your data assets. This is a lightweight service and a quick way to get started. ​

    2. Efficient Labeling Strategy: Our Annotation Strategy service helps you formulate a sound labeling strategy to gather quality labels, and efficiently label to avoid potential AI failures. 


    1. Actionable Data Analysis: Our Dataset Analysis service helps you develop a thorough plan to strategically leverage AI and move your business forward. We analyze datasets to better understand what can be done with your data. During this analysis phase, we try to formulate a specific question like: what is the probability that a specific customer will churn? We then gather a sample of data, check for signal, and summarize our findings. 

    2. Model Development: Once we've analyzed a dataset and found signal, we proceed to build, evaluate and improve models. We rapidly build, evaluate, and release models iteratively. Our Model Development service focuses on testing your business hypotheses as quickly as possible.

    3. Due Diligence: Our Due Diligence service helps you de-risk your investments in AI. 65% of AI investments generate no return1, and 40% of AI companies hardly use any AI. We help you perform due diligence before you invest in an AI project or (company or before someone invests in you).

    4. OKRs:​ Our 4-step OKR implementation framework helps you accelerate your efforts by guiding and inspiring your teams using high-level objectives and data-driven results. We elevate your product, processes, analytics, and outcomes.

    5. KPIs & MetricsIf you have to continue to ask questions about your data then you are not tracking a real KPI. Our 8-step method helps you connect your strategy, roadmap, and OKRs to develop the right selection of KPIs for your business. Our method helps you focus on your strategic data, not just any data. 

  3. TRAINING: The data & AI field is dynamic. Developing your skills is key to staying ahead. We have developed Data & AI Training for Leadership, Product Owners, Data Scientists and Executives. We help build data skills for your teams and data literacy for your company

  4. STORYTELLING: Our Data Storytelling service is tailored to your specific data needs and current storytelling capabilities. Depending on how much support your team requires, we help with everything from prioritizing and performing analysis to crafting and delivering data stories based on discovered insights. Each engagement can be structured around a specific deliverable or handled as a series of recurring discovery and storytelling sessions.


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